National Human Rights Moot Court Competition, for the first time in Moldova


In the framework of the EU Project to support the coordination of the justice sector reform in the Republic of Moldova, four teams of students from law faculties of universities Irimia FIUM and USM, simulated trials in human rights in the first national contest in English organized by the Ministry of Justice. The purpose of this competition was to identify and then support the winning team for its participation in the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition that will be held in Strasbourg (France).

Thanks to this experience, students enhance their abilities to solve cases by identifying key concepts, facts inter-relationship, legal arguments and by providing reasonable motivations for the proposed resolutions. The participants had to demonstrate their critical and analytical skills through problem solving in a wide range of legal and non-legal circumstances.

The competition aims to contribute to the Bologna principles which include developing skills through trial simulation and practical exercises. It also contributes to supporting the EU's action to promote justice sector reform in Moldova, the European Convention on Human Rights and its mechanism.

One of the teams at the Free International University of Moldova was the awarded while the State Institute of International Relations of Moldova was ranked second. Also, other teams’ effort was appreciated and they received the corresponding diploma.

The team leader of the EU project to support the coordination of the justice sector reform Mr. Erik Svanidze, stressed the importance of the event, saying that "through this contest, we are marking the finalization of this important project that lasts already three years: it represents the EU efforts in the future reform that is taking shape in the justice sector in Moldova ".

"A fair and efficient justice system is an essential element of the rule of law. This implies to undertake serious sectoral reforms within the country institutions. In this sense, the justice sector is one of the most important. I honestly hope that you will be the next generation of judges, prosecutors and lawyers in charge of such a reform through a high level of integrity, responsibility and professionalism" said Pirkka Tapiola, EU Ambassador to Moldova.

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